Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wank-Fest 2013 was a great success! Palm Springs, 25-28 April 2013

The Grand Total of Masturbators who attended Wank-Fest 2013 in Palm Springs, 25-28 April 2013:


Thank you for all coming.

Bators came from all over the World!

23 from Palm Springs.
12 from Los Angeles.
6 from Portland, OR.
6 from New York City, (if you count Long Island, and just over the Hudson in NJ)
4 from Las Vegas.
4 from San Diego.
4 from Chicago.
4 from San Francisco.
3 from Oakland and the East Bay.
3 from Orange County, CA.
3 from Denver, (when you count Boulder as part of Denver).
3 from London, England.
3 from Phoenix.
2 from Fresno (the San Joaquin Valley).
2 from Ft. Lauderdale.
2 from Vancouver, BC.
2 from Regina, Saskatchewan.
2 from Detroit.
2 from Tucson.
1 from Palm Desert, CA (Coachella Valley)
1 from Cathedral City, CA (Coachella Valley)
1 from Scotland.
1 from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
1 from Montreal.
1 from Toronto.
1 from Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands.
1 from Orlando, FL.
1 from Des Moines, Iowa.
1 from Indianapolis.
1 from Lexington, KY.
1 from Aspen, CO.
1 from San Jose, CA.
1 from Boston.
1 from Asheville, NC.
1 from Dallas, TX.
1 from Austin, TX.
1 from Seattle.
1 from Milwaukee, WI.
1 from Houston.

This will not add up to 107, I wasn't able to get everyone's location, but thank you for coming and making for the very best Weekend of Masturbation!

51 Bators traveled to this Weekend of Masturbation by Car.

2 Bators came by Train, (Amtrak).

2 Bators were so local they walked!

I counted 33 Bators to the Air to fly PSP (Palm Springs) to Wank-Fest 2013.

At least 8 on Sky West dba United Express and Delta Connection..
At least 6 on Alaska Airlines.
At least 3 on US Airways.
At least 3 on West Jet.
At Least 2 on Virgin America.
At least 3 on Frontier Airlines.
At least 2 on American Airlines.

1 Bator flew Southwest to ONT (Ontario, CA)

and to LAX, (Los Angeles International Airport:
3 Bators flew with Mainline United Airlines.
1 Bator flew with Virgin Atlantic.

My Thanks to all of our Host Hotels, but especially Michael at the Triangle Inn.

                       Thank You to the Tool Shed for giving us a place for the very best Meet N Great.


Thank You the World Gym Palm Springs for being our Official Gym while in Palm Springs!

Healthy Friction looks forward to our next
two Masturbation events in 2014.

Healthy Friction 5th Annual Burning Man Circle Jerk: 29 AUG 2014: Noon-3pm Comfort & Joy

Healthy Friction Palm Springs Fall Fly In: 09-12 OCT 2014