Monday, December 28, 2015

The Healthy Friction Tropical Island Weekend of Masturbation was Epic!

What a way to kick off our very first
Weekend of Masturbation in Key West!

Beautiful Host Hotel: The Equator Resort.

Tropical Island Fly In.

Car not needed, everything is walking distance.

Attendance came out to: 64!

We have a tradition of wearing our Souvenir Healthy Friction Wrist-Bands
as a reminder of the Weekend. Thank you to all of you who participated.

                                     Can you guess who everyone is?

Answers to the Questionnaire during Registration.

What is your favorite Social Network: 

Bateworld: 33
Facebook: 11
Large Penis Support Group: 4
Scruff: 3
Twitter: 1
X Tube: 1
Cam4: 1

What City did we gather from including Key West:

Ft Lauderdale: 7

Key West: 5
New York City: 5
Washington DC: 4
Toronto: 3

St. Louis: 2
Boston: 2
Charlotte: 2
Atlanta: 2
Chicago: 2
Orlando: 2
Boulder: 2
San Francisco: 2
Dayton: 2
Los Angeles: 1

Greensboro: 1
Williamsport, PA: 1
Houston: 1
New Orleans: 1
Sarasota: 1
Koln (Cologne) Germany: 1
Scotland: 1
Stewart, NY: 1
Raleigh-Durham: 1
Austin: 1
Vancouver, BC: 1
Manchester, NH: 1
Dover, DE: 1
Scotland: 1

Miami: 1
Minneapolis: 1
Islip, NY 1
Milwaukee: 1
Hardford, CT: 1

Fort Wayne: 1
San Diego: 1


Did we fly, drive, bike, walk, or take the Ferry?

Auto: 10
Bike: 1
Ferry: 1

3 Flew on an Unknown Airline.

7 Flew on US Airways.
5 Flew on American Airlines.

American Airlines-US Airways is the official Airline for the Healthy Friction Tropical Island Weekend of Masturbation.

11 flew Delta Airlines.
5 flew United Airlines.
5 flew Jet Blue.

3 flew Silver Airlines.
2 flew Southwest Airlines.
2 flew Air Canada.
2 flew Virgin America.

 My Thanks to all our Hotels:

The Equator Resort

The Island House Resort

The New Orleans House

Thanks for the swell Healthy Friction discount






Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Palm Springs Spring 2016 2nd Over-Flow.

Healthy Friction Palm Springs Spring 2016 2nd Over-Flow.

 Palm Springs Spring 2016 2nd Over-Flow.

Helios Resort
280 East Mel Avenue, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone: 760-323-2868

Ask for Roger, the Manager
There is a Room Block for us be sure to ask for Healthy Friction.
The Healthy Friction Rate: $139.00 at Night.
3 Night Minimum Stay.

Short Drive to the Triangle Inn.
8 minutes without Traffic. 

How to get to Palm Springs:

Find more about Weather in Palm Springs, CA
Click for weather forecast

Registration Required for all Healthy Friction Participates.

Eventbrite - Palm Springs Spring 2016.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Palm Springs Spring 2016 1st Over-Flow.

Palm Springs Spring 2016 1st Over-Flow

Tortuga del Sol
715 E. San Lorenzo Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Phone: 760-416-3111
Toll Free: 888-541-3777


Healthy Friction rates for Healthy Friction's Spring 2016 Weekend of Masturbation.
Rates 10% off when you stay 3 or more nights.

Rates 15% off when you stay 4 or more nights..

Ask for Rob.

Easy walking distance to the Triangle Inn

and to the Tool Shed for the Thursday Night "Meat and Greet"

Healthy Friction enjoys it's long standing relationship with the Tortuga del Sol.

Images thanks to Trip Advisor

Photos of Tortuga del Sol, Palm Springs
This photo of Tortuga del Sol is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Palm Springs Airport is only a short cab ride from the Triangle Inn and the Tortuga del Sol. So save the Earth and Car Pool together, and/or share rides. It's a nice walk walk downtown without a car.
It's under 3 miles!


Find more about Weather in Palm Springs, CA
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How to get to Palm Springs:

Registration Required for all Healthy Friction Participates.

Eventbrite - Palm Springs Spring 2016.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Palm Springs Spring 2016 Host Hotel

Spring 2016 Weekend of Masturbation.
Date: 21-24 April 2016

The Triangle Inn 
Palm Springs
555 E San Lorenzo Rd
Palm Springs, CA 92264



Note: Our Host Hotel in Palm Springs is sold out,
Check on the Tortuga Del Sol as our walking distance over-flow.


How to get yourself to Palm Springs:


 Healthy Friction always recommends our friends at the Triangle Inn.

Google Map Directions from the Palm Springs Airport to
The Triangle Inn and the walking distance Guesthouses.
Directions Link from PSP to the Triangle Inn

Find more about Weather in Palm Springs, CA
Click for weather forecast

Click for weather forecast

Registration Required for all Healthy Friction Participates.

Eventbrite - Palm Springs Spring 2016.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Key West Summer 2016 Host Hotel.

Healthy Friction is making it's return to Key West in time for a Weekend of Masturbation: Summer 2016.

Dates: 23 -26 June, 2016.

Host Hotel: The Equator Resort.

1) If you want Reservations in the Hotel Hotel,  Register for the Event

2) Get your Booking Code for The Equator Resort. Note: 3 Night Minimum.

3) Call Jeff or Michael at the Equator with that Code to book your Room.
  Phone: 305-294-7775

4) All the rooms are blocked off for this event, so it will show sold out, if you check online.

Address: 818 Fleming St, Key West, FL 33040 
If you're checking on rates, we're in the summer off season for this event.

 Eventbrite - Key West Summer 2016.

 Locals are invited to join us for this Weekend of Masturbation,
and in that case Register online between now and 21 June 2016: 5pm EDT

You may also stay at one of our Over-Flow Hotels, more info to follow.

Equator Resort Reviews:

Do you need directions on how to get to Key West.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to get to Key West.

Fly Directly into the EYW: (Key West Airport).

Directions from the (EYW) Key West Airport.

Delta has a B-737 twice a day nonstop from ATL (Atlanta) with connections to the World.
American has Flights to from MIA (Miami) or CLT (Charlotte) with connections to the World.
Keep in mind, American doesn't operate the short haul flights,
they are flown by Republic Airlines using a
Embraer ERJ-175 (Barbie Jet).
Silver Airways has flights to FLL (Ft Lauderdale), MCO (Orlando), TPA (Tampa), and RSW (Ft Myers)
They fly 34 Psgr
Saab 340B, if you book direct you can choose seat assignment, like an Emergency Exit.

You can earn miles with them with B6 (Jet Blue) or UA (United).
You can also book flights and check bags are the way thru via Jet Blue or United.

4 Hours from the (FLL) Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.


SunPass Customers:
SunPass customers using a rental vehicle may have their tolls applied to their SunPass account. Customers with SunPass Portable transponders may use their transponders in their rental vehicles. (It is strongly recommended that SunPass customers access their online SunPass accounts or contact the SunPass Customer Service Center to add the rental vehicle subscription to their account for the rental period.) If the transponder is not in your vehicle or functioning properly, tolls from other agencies will not be posted to your SunPass account, and may be charged to you by the rental Service Provider. Please remember to remove your transponder upon return of the vehicle.
SunPass customers that do not have their transponders in the vehicle are subject to the tolls, fees and charges set forth below and in their rental agreements.
SunPass Customer Service Center: 1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352)
For more info:

Most South Florida Rentals Car Agencies offer their own versions for an extra fee, it's a bit more then the SunPass you buy yourself.
I tried to bypass the Toll Booths by driving I-95 all the way to US 1, in Miami.
Oh and by the way, South Florida Expressway driving makes driving LA Freeways seem like a breeze.
They're Crazy! I mean Bat-Shit Crazy.
For example, If you're stuck in a lane behind someone driving slow at 45mph,
It's a leap of faith, to change lanes to go around, because the rest of traffic is going around you at 80mph.
It took me 6 hours to drive from Ft Lauderdale on the Beach to get to the Equator in Key West.
Mind you, I encountered several extreme tropical, flooding down pours.
Like California, South Florida has been experiencing a Drought, well it broke on the day I drove down.
Driving through Coral Gables, US 1 was flooding, That helped in make a 4 hour drive into 6 hours.
Having said all that, once you actually get on to the Islands of the Keys, it's Fun and filled with a lot of Florida Keys Americana.
Allow yourself more time if you want to stop and experience some that.
It's Street Parking once you unload your Rental Car.
I didn't get back in the Car until I was ready to drive back to FLL.


Find more about Weather in Key West, FL
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Healthy Friction Fall Palm Springs Fly In was Fantastic!

This was the Best Healthy Friction Weekend of Masturbation.
The Weather was the Best We have ever had, proving again that Palm Springs is perfect choice for us.
October's Weather is just the Best in the Desert Oasis of Palm Springs.

                     Attendance come out as 103 Bators!

This Song seemed to be the Theme Song for the Healthy Friction Fall Palm Springs Fly In.
Thank You, Triangle Inn for playing this for us by the Main Pool so often during the Weekend.
How can you not Dance, or Beat Off in the Rhythm.
Better yet, Her's the All Male Version.

We have a new Tradition and that is show us your Souvenir Wrist Band on your travels home.

                         Guess which Bators this took part in the Wrist Bands going home!

                         More stats for this past event will be published soon,

                                                                    Stay Tuned.